• What for?

    Providing safe, deployable and easy to use marksmanship training

  • For whom?

    For shooters and instructors in Defense and Security

  • FN solution?

    FN® Expert Marksmanship Training System


  • FAQ

Key Benefits

  • Gives shooter and instructor complete feedback on basic marksmanship skills: holding, aiming, breathing, triggering
  • Safe training with duty or instrumented weapon
  • Dry, blank and live fire training
  • Indoor or outdoor from 5m to 300m
  • Different training modes are possible
    • Basic marksmanship (indoors or outdoors): single target at known distance
    • Tactical marksmanship: one or more shooters moving and engaging multiple targets at unknown distances
  • Solution fully deployable in various environments (firing range, police station, gymnasium, ship, etc.)
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Compatible with any rifle, carbine or portable anti-tank weapon
  • ITAR-free


The FN® Expert allows shooter training for basic marksmanship training and tactical marksmanship shooting in improvised indoor or outdoor installations. The FN® Expert is used with simulated or service weapons by dry firing, blank firing or live firing. Shooters and instructors have a solution for basic marksmanship training that is simple, safe and effective.

Key Features

Ammunition type
Dry, blank and live
Operating mode
Stand-alone mode with internal memory or real time mode with untethered (Bluetooth) or tethered (USB) communication
Ring or silhouette / single or multiple / passive or active
Host weapons
Rifles, carbines and portable anti-tank weapons
On either MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny type rail or barrel


December 2, 2019

FN to showcase Next Generation Marksmanship Training Solutions at 2019 I/ITSEC conference

September 4, 2019

FN Herstal unveils a brand new software for its FN® Expert Marksmanship Training System at DSEI 2019

January 21, 2019

FN® Expert Marksmanship Training Solution to be Showcased at CSTM 2018

January 21, 2019

FN® Expert Marksmanship Training Solution to be Showcased at IDEX 2017

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