FN Herstal unveils a brand new software for its FN® Expert Marksmanship Training System at DSEI 2019

Belgium-based FN Herstal, one of the world’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of small caliber weapons and weapon systems, has collaborated with specialists in serious gaming simulation to deliver an improved, unique user experience to both the operator and instructor using the FN® Expert marksmanship training system.

Improved user interface
Even more intuitive, the newly-revamped user interface allows the instructor to set up a scenario in no time, increasing training efficiency. A number of new features like a quick debriefing system, shots replay, comment insertions and a new scoring system have been added.

Android compatibility
In addition to Windows, the new FN® Expert software is compatible with Android (8.0 or greater) on tablets and mobile devices.

Faster to connect, network capability
The FN® Expert devices connect faster to the host controller (Tablet/Mobile), and more devices can be connected on a single tablet, PC or mobile. All active sessions can be connected to the network, resulting in instructors being now able to analyze multiple shooter sessions at the same time.

Enhanced interactions between instructors and shooters
Results of the training sessions can now also be saved as pdf files so as to improve interactions between instructors and shooters by inserting comments about their session in real time or after action.

The FN® Expert is definitely a must have tool for marksmanship training sessions using a simulated (airsoft) or service weapon (rifle, carbine or recoilless rifle).

The new FN® Expert can be seen at DSEI 2019 on FN Herstal/FNH UK booth N2-300 – Belgian Pavilion, September 10-13, 2019.


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