• What for?

    Increasing hit probability and situational awareness using an all-in-one laser system

  • For whom?

    For snipers, spotters, precision shooters and even machine gunners

  • FN solution?

    FN Elity® Ballistic Calculator


  • FAQ

Key Benefits

  • User friendly interface (Oled display and Android App)
  • Ensures increased hit probability with relevant and accurate ballistic correction data thanks to the ballistic solver developed by ApexO (FN Elity® is also compliant with full AFS® software)
  • Top performance laser range finder designed by Noptel Oy
  • ITAR-free
  • Shooter keeps position while ranging a target
  • Bluetooth technology available to connect the FN Elity® to an Android system or any other accessories such as a weather station
  • Allows the user to register multiple configurations with only one physical zeroing (including multi caliber weapon)

Key Features

Dimensions & weight
Length 123mm (4,8")
Width 76mm (2,9")
Height 44mm (1,7")
Weight 400 g (<15oz)
1.550nm laser range finder
Human size NATO target 1,750m (30% reflectivity)
Vehicle type NATO target 2,200m (30% reflectivity)
Aiming laser pointers
Visible Low power Class 1
Visible High power Class 3B
Infrared Low power Class 1
Infrared High power Class 3B
Variable infrared illuminator
3 mrad to 90 mrad
Ballistic solver and multiple sensors
Powerfull ballistic solver with aeroballistic profiler from ApexO (AFS®)
Environmental sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity)
State and movement sensors (cant, inclination, digital compass)


February 7, 2023

FN Herstal ballistic calculators deployed by the French Army

February 17, 2021

FN Herstal brings next gen solution to snipers, spotters and precision shooters with its newly-qualified FN Elity™

September 5, 2019

FN Herstal unveils its new aiming solution at DSEI 2019 Exhibition


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