• What for?

    Increasing hit probability and situational awareness using an all-in-one laser system

  • For whom?

    For riflemen and machine gunners

  • FN solution?

    FN Elity™ Ballistic Calculator


Key Benefits

  • Shooter keeps position while ranging a target
  • An all-in-one system that integrates a Laser Range Finder, IR and Visible laser pointers, and a variable IR Illuminator
  • Ensures increased hit probability with relevant and accurate ballistic correction data displayed on a state-of-the-art OLED screen
  • Features different wire and wireless technologies to connect to a soldier system or any other accessories
  • ITAR-free

Key Features

Dimensions & weight
Length 123mm (4,8")
Width 76mm (2,9")
Height 44mm (1,7")
Weight 400 g (<15oz)
1 x CR123A
1.550nm laser range finder
Human size NATO target 1,750m (30% reflectivity)
Vehicle type NATO target 2,200m (30% reflectivity)
Aiming laser pointers
Visible Low power Class 1
Visible High power Class 3B
Infrared Low power Class 1
Infrared High power Class 3B
Variable infrared illuminator
3 mrad to 90 mrad


September 5, 2019

FN Herstal unveils its new aiming solution at DSEI 2019 Exhibition

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