Optimizing small arms management in any defense or security organization when combined with FN SmartCore® technology


    For armorers and fleet managers working with small caliber firearms


    FN® SAM

Key Benefits

  • Complete software solution tailored to the customer’s need
  • Improves operational availability of weapons
  • Reduces life cycle cost through more efficient maintenance and logistics procedures
  • Simplifies and improves data transcription, paper copies or Excel files are no longer required
  • ITAR-free

FN® SAM software

FN® SAM is a web-based platform providing stakeholders – from the armorer to the weapon fleet manager – with a common fleet management tool. The software records the data transmitted by FN SmartCore® shot counters or RFID Tags and displays information on a computer screen. Weapon fleet and accessories data can then be consulted anytime anywhere. Thanks to the web services mechanisms, all data can be shared with any ERP or non-FN shot counters. FN® SAM is a scalable solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

Digital weapon data & database management
Weapon configuration and part numbers
Serial numbers
Technical documentation per weapon model
Catalog number of spare parts
A complete database of the whole weapon fleet
Maintenance operations
Record of shots fired (live, blank, dry)
Maintenance log of every maintenance procedure
Preventive maintenance implementation
Work orders creation and follow up
Business intelligence tool
Immediate view of the whole fleet status
Usage distribution report of the fleet per unit
Preventive maintenance reports
Spare part consumption reports
Tailored to customer’s need
Complementary with in-service ERP software
Modular solution
Multi role/multi-user platform

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