Identifying weapons and accessories digitally


    For armorers and fleet managers working with small caliber firearms


    RFID tag integration into weapons and accessories combined with dedicated readers

Key Benefits

  • Enables digital identification of weapons and accessories
  • Facilitates transfer of items from/into weapons and accessories storage location
  • Facilitates inventory taking of material when associated to FN® SAM
  • Tailored to customer’s needs (different readers or tag options)
  • RFID can be integrated into FN SmartCore®

FN® RFID tag

RFID tag in weapon accessories


The Radio Frequency Identification system is composed of tags and readers. It allows operators to manage the identification of their weapon digitally. Different options can be studied by FN specialists to integrate RFID tags into weapons or accessories. These RFID tags can be integrated into the receiver or into another part of the weapon like the pistol grip.

Key Features

Digital identification through RFID integration
Passive technology: no undesirable detection
Transparent to the user: no incidence on weapon or accessory usage
Integration into non-FN weapons or accessories possible

Example 1 : RFID tag LF (low frequency) in FN SCAR®-L

Example 2 : RFID tag UHF (ultra-high frequency) on FN® FCU Mk3

Exemple 3 : RFID tag UHF (ultra-high frequency) on FN Five-seveN®

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